Delivery of meals to cook for people who care about what they put in their bodies? Score! Of course I had to try this. My non-vegan friends have been crushing on other delivery brands for years. Now was my turn.

I learned about VegTable at the Green Festival in NYC a couple months ago. Of course I immediately signed up for their email list to be ready for the launch. Right now, they are very local, but hope to grow.

I was thrilled to get the first box that has corn based packaging and therefore I can take to my compost station. Even the outside of the box was branded. So smart!

My biggest decision was which meal to begin with. I looked through the recipes and quickly noticed they are more extravagant than my normal cooking. Each recipie had me using my oven and stove at minimum. You definitely want to be adventurous in the kitchen with these. But it’s made super easy with pre-measured ingredients and all the right sized vegetables to wash and chop.

I decided to start with Sesame Noodles with Siracha Tofu. Mostly because this can be served cold and hubby was going to be home late.

Again, more steps than I normally implement, but the dish was fantastic.

My dish even looks kind of like the photo. Score! I had two obstacles with this dish. First, the garlic called for in the recipe was missing from my spice pack. Luckily, I keep garlic around, so that was easily solved. The other issue is that it look me an extra 10 minutes to prepare compared to the estimate. Oops. I found this to be true with every dish. I needed and extra 10 to 15 minuets every time. When the predicted time is already 45 minutes, another 15 can make me hangry. But the food is so good, I get over it quickly.

A couple days later I decided to make the Fennel and Kale Ministrone.

The soup was wonderful, but the bread was amazeballs. I will have to make the bread again. For this recipe I needed my zester. A tool not everyone has. Fun fact: We had leftovers!

The next night hubby helped me make Seitan Chimichurri with Crispy Potatoes. Also fantastic. I had to have olive oil on hand for this one

Hubby is convinced. We both loved the food. It just took so long to cook each meal that we haven’t gotten another box. When we get home about 6:30 and have to walk the dog first, cooking for an hour is a long time.

I highly recommend VegTable. The food is fantastic. Things to keep in mind if ordering:

  • The recipes could take longer than anticipated. They did for me, even when hubby helped.
  • Make sure to have some typical ingredients around. Like garlic and olive oil.
  • When following the recipes, lots of things will be happening simultaneously. Make sure other things don’t need your attention while cooking.
  • Be prepared to use the entire kitchen. VegTable is a modified foodie adventure.
  • Know what you want to do with the packaging. I was able to recycle or compost most of it. There are still two ice packs in my freezer because I have not been able to bring myself to drain them.

So worth the adventure. Yummers!


  1. Thanks Deanna! We appreciate this so much!!

    FYI – the freezer packs are filled with non-toxic cornstarch based refrigerant which is safe to wash down your drain. And the liner is biodegradable (in commercial environment, not a backyard environment).

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