Philly Vegan Food Tour

You read that header right! I am the guide of a Philly Vegan Food Tour! Partnering with several local vegan food restaurants, we visit at least five different food establishments on a walking tour of Center City Philadelphia. At each stop I have worked out a taste of yummers so we can try everything and not be full till the end. It would take several days to try all the foods we will enjoy!

  • Spinach Jawn (a local savory pastry)
  • Falafel and tahini
  • Tahini shake (yep, this is another local thing)
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Reuben
  • Chocolate chip cookie
  • and more!

Each item is locally made and fully vegan. Right now the tour is available as an Airbnb Experience. Take a look and see if you are available to enjoy all the yummers! We will talk vegan options in Philly, what inspired each place to open and other fun stories about the owners, and, as a local history buff, I will share some history of this great city (but not about dead presidents unless you like that too).

The amazing food tour partners include:

Some of the food we will enjoy:

If interested in a private tour or touring a different neighborhood, please email me at

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