Consulting Services

I worked in the advertising/marketing industry for over a decade as a strategic planner. Every product or service is approached through the lens of market research. With a PhD in sociology, I have a keen talent to understand large amounts of information and focus on what is most important for my clients. Over the years I have worked on large and small brands such as MyM&Ms, Hershey’s Take5, Cocoa-Cola, Diet Coke, Dove, Skinny Cow, Blue Bunny, and Weight Watchers.

Today I focus on vegan brands and services. I use my immersion in, and commitment to, the vegan community as the most helpful perspective to supporting client needs and success within the community. For example, I helped launch a vegan ice cream from taste and packaging to launch and growth plans.

In addition to working with large brands, I am very committed to the success of small vegan brands. Small, often new, brands rarely have the capital to engage marketing advice, much less a strategic planner. For small vegan brands, the first hour of consulting is pro-bono to learn about your business and talk through how to grow your ideas.

Services include:

  • Strategic planning based on client market analysis and segmentation
  • Branding and brand building planning
  • Market research oversight to ensure correct audience identification and meaningful results that will support strategic planning
  • Innovation planning and building
  • Social media consulting
  • Audience outreach consulting
  • Product identification
  • Recipe building

Interested in bringing a vegan perspective to your brand or service? Contact me at to discuss what’s possible!

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