Working with Deanna has been life changing. Not in the usual hyperbolic way that many people use that term, but in the truest sense- She has honestly changed my life.

Deanna has the knowledge, tools, and most importantly the compassion and empathy to work with you where you are to make actual lifestyle changes. She is nonjudgmental and strives to find ways to make your personal goals attainable and meaningful to you. This is the opposite of a one-size fits all approach.

Additionally, Deanna has a unique understanding and perspective on the impact of  living with endometriosis. Not only has she helped me live a more healthy lifestyle but she has showed me ways to help manage the pain and take the steps to begin reducing the inflammation. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Deanna should jump on it. She’s one in a million!  – Anna K. in Southern California

I co-taught a vegan cooking and lifestyle class series with Deanna in 2012 after earning a continuing education credit in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.  Deanna’s prior teaching experience helped us create a great classroom experience with real-world applicability to help newly aspiring vegans thrive in the “wild”!  Just one of the classroom group projects included learning to analyze and order off-the-menu from local non-vegan restaurant menus. We sat down as a group analyzing the menus to figure out in advance what items could be modified to create a whole-food, low oil or oil-free vegan meal. Then we practiced actually going through the steps to order our meals. This seemingly unimportant practice of making that difficult request to a server (who probably thrives on good customer service anyway!) has quite literally saved my health time and again over the last 7 years since her class. It is far more difficult than we would like to admit to stand out from the crowd, to make requests advocating for our own life-saving dietary needs and to do in in a way that feels confidant, relaxed and compassion bringing. It actually took practice, discussion and support beforehand for me to comfortably self-advocate.  

Similarly, the mere concept of sautéing without oil, cooking without dairy or learning to change an old family recipe to be vegan seemed like multiple, very small, nearly unconscious, yet simultaneously insurmountable obstacles before going through the class.  However, addressing these challenges  together we brainstormed strategies and substitutes ahead of time – complete with kitchen demonstrations.  Taking time to think through these tiny nuisance, yet goal-derailing challenges has given me the strength and knowledge to maintain the 45-lb weight-loss I achieved in 2011 and enjoy an age defying health that I get compliments on nearly every day of my life. What could be better?!!! Deanna is a truly amazing teacher with the ability to permanently change your life.  – Heidi Zschach in Idaho

From the moment I met Deanna in 2011, I knew I met an incredible, loving person-turned dear friend. I think she is the 1st vegan I ever knew personally. This was 8 years ago, so this lifestyle was not as well-known, well-practiced, researched, etc, as much as it is now.

To know that she’d already been a vegan for 13 years at that point, so-since 1998; over 20 years now—this girl knew “what’s up” a long time ago!

It was amazing how she wouldn’t shame or try to offer unsolicited advice to others who didn’t have the same perspective on health, our planet,
& everything that comes along with it.

But when someone did ask her advice, like myself, she was more than willing to share anything & everything!

I was so fortunate to join a group of others & attend a “Healthy Eating” class that she offered to teach that following year. I learned so so much from that, that I continue to practice to this day. Again, she didn’t push the “agenda” of becoming vegan; it was just a natural progression in result of her teachings & evidence.

The way that beautiful woman can make someone feel okay about making mistakes & promoting self-compassion is something I sure strive for!

With her educational background, experience, love for the vegan lifestyle, & love & compassion for humans (& obviously animals), I was beyond ecstatic for her when she pursued certification as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator. I sincerely think this is her calling. You will be so thankful you reached out to her. Do it – today! -Hilary Yao in Kansas

Deanna demonstrated elements of authentic cuisine through careful and simple provisioning. Each dish is designed with inventive preparation and beautiful presentation. She is true to ingredients; allowing each to speak on its own and blend in a chorus of flavors. From my previous experience growing up as a farm boy from the mid-west, vegan food was seen as a way to make proteins palatable. Deanna steps it up! She teaches the building blocks of classic food with a well-informed vegan palette. — Nathan Krämer, Personal Chef and Food Writer in Nebraska

I tried many times to go vegan and always failed. In 2012 I took a cooking class with Deanna and it changed my life! Her coaching method was compassionate and non-judgmental. She encouraged me to take it one day at a time as I leaned into this new way of eating. From that time on, I never looked back. I now enjoy many new and exciting foods and have made many new friends that share in my journey. Thank you, Deanna, for making it so easy! ~ Laurie Foral in Nebraska

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