NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

I have dreamed of attending this event for years. When I moved to NYC last year, I arrived a few weeks after the event and was sad to have missed it. This year I made it!

I was overwhelmed by the number of people and booths to visit. I tried to hear one talk and couldn’t, so I tasted chocolate instead.

It was incredible. Several vendors I have seen at other events participated, but many that I had never met were happy to share their products. It was great fun and, like I said, overwhelming.

Despite having bought a ticket in advance, I stood in a line that wrapped around the block for about 45 minutes before getting in. Thank goodness we had a break in the rain that day. Upon entering, there were so many people that deciding where to begin was a challenge. First I stood in a line to try gluten free and vegan brownies while a friend stood in the DF Mavens line. We promised to get each other samples. Next, we each bought a ticket for the raffle to support the organizing group. That was easy. Then it becomes a blur. A delicious blur where I was able to pick up a new vegan mascara to try. In addition to multiple bites of samples I got a grilled cheese sandwich from Riverdell and sushi from Beyond Sushi. My bag coming home was full of my favorite kombucha, I normally dislike kombucha, nut ricotta, coupons, mascara, lotion samples, and, of course, chocolate. I cannot pass up vegan chocolate.

If you ever get a chance to go to a vegan festival, take it. What fun to be surrounded by other vegans and ideas. There is another festival in Bushwick in a couple weeks and I will be there too!

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