OO + Co in East Village

Starving one night and wanting to try something new, I pulled up my trusted Happy Cow app and found OO + Co.

The all vegan pizza place opened earlier this year and is an elegant casual space. And the best part, the pizza is fantastic! Those are seriously edible flowers on my pizza! Each one is made with a fresh nut cheese and topped with seasonal vegetables in new flavor combinations. I had no idea what my trumpet mushroom, walnut cream, green harissa, and lemon pizza would taste like, but it was worth the risk. Yummers! So I had the try a dessert and picked the strawberry cheesecake. Not heavy at all and was gobbled up between hubby and I.

Again, beautiful edible flowers.

The entire space is communal high-top wood tables. The walls are lined with vegan wines that lead eyes to an open kitchen. And the waitstaff is very kind, bonus! I couldn’t ask for a better pizza night.

Returning will happen soon and I hope you too can try this place. Five out of five vegan cupcakes.

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