Dr. Cow Cheese

I have been reading about and wanting to try Dr. Cow cheese for years. But ordering and having shipped seemed like a luxury I didn’t want to implement. Then, I found a local store that carries several varieties! Since they are out of Brooklyn, a local store having the cheese is a possibility.

I have tried several of their hard cheeses and a couple of the soft. My favorites have something unique in them, like kale or turmeric. The turmeric is my favorite. The flavors are sharp, which makes sense as an aged cheese, and the texture is luscious. A real treat with plantain chips, my current favorite way to eat cheese. Definitely one of the best aged vegan cheeses available.

The prices are high, but worth the treat. Each block is small, much smaller than I expected. Again, a treat.

If you get the chance to try these, it’s worth it. If you like sharp cheeses, you will love the nut flavors. If you like more mild cheeses, like I do, go for one that has something additional in it. Yummers!

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