Purple Carrot

A friend invited me to try Purple Carrot. For free, the fixings for three meals arrived at my door. This is very exciting since I’m stuck at home anyway and not wanting to go grocery shopping if I can help it.

My box arrived on the expected day and everything was proportioned out as anticipated. With an extra garlic head.

The recipe book is for all the options of the week, including my three meals; Grilled Cesar Salad, Madras Style Cauliflower, and Midnight Macro Bowls. The meals were relatively easy to make, but I was lacking one kitchen tool, a vegetable peeler.

I started with the Grilled Cesar Salad. The grilling of the lettuce caused some damage to my pan. Oops!

But the salad was tasty.

Hubby especially enjoyed it until he realized the number of dishes it created. The recipe also asked for more oil and salt than I typically cook with.

I next tackled the Madras Style Cauliflower.

Hubby doesn’t like zucchini, which is too bad since two of the three recipes called for this vegetable. I opted to air fry the cauliflower and zucchini and then toss them in the spices rather than bake in oil as directed.

Hubby didn’t enjoy the freekeh. Felt it was too chewy. I wasn’t as crazy about the dish overall.

The final dish I made was the Midnight Macro Bowls.

This is the dish that would have benefitted from a vegetable peeler. Instead, I sliced the zucchini as thin as I could and didn’t peel the carrot at all. The outside has the most nutrients. The recipe only needed one carrot and half the zucchini. Similar to the cauliflower dish, I opted to air fry the vegetables rather than bake them in oil.

The carrot sauce is the winner in this dish adding flavor to all the other ingredients.

Purple Carrot was a fun change of meals. If seeking a diet with less oil and salt, the recipes might not be a good fit. The meals were easy to make and flavors what I expected from the recipes. But I won’t be ordering again. Just not for us. I think I enjoy my own cooking too much. And these were not as good as the VegTable I tried a few years back. Unfortunately, VegTable doesn’t exist anymore. Also, there were a lot of materials I could not recycle.

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