Imperfect Foods

I had been meaning to sign up for produce delivery for some time. Life just kept me so busy I couldn’t sit down and figure out the best option after stopping my CSA subscription. Don’t get me wrong, I adore being part of a CSA and will do it again. Just the last one I was part of had delivery issues.

When everything closed down in Philly ahead of other states to protect us from COVID-19, I decided to get this figured out. Doing some research, I learned that Imperfect Foods would let me customize my delivery and potentially offer kitchen staples that would help me avoid the grocery store even more. Considering my own food allergies and Hubby’s vegetable preferences, customizing my box was ideal. I signed up, but it would take a few weeks to get my first box. No problem. I suddenly have time.

A couple weeks later I got an email notice to customize my box. Woo hoo! I jumped in and was able to note things I never want and things I always want. I have an organic subscription and each week the options change a bit. This week I got something special to try and will have to share about it later.

I was so excited to get my first box. A text message arrives when the delivery person is close and a second text when delivered. I live in a building with someone at a front desk, so they always accept the package for me and send me an email.

I adore how little extra waste is in each box. I was able to recycle the box and the flyer.

The produce was in great shape and kept me busy until the next delivery. I’m so happy with my choice.

I understand the waiting list is now even longer. Knowing I am eating food that would normally be disposed of, feels great. If you have the patience for the wait list, Imperfect Foods is a good option.

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