Lucy’s Taqueria in Hilo

Staying in Hilo, Hawaii for a few days, I wanted to try the local options. I was thrilled to see VegNews had an article about where to eat in the most recent issue and I decided to start with Lucy’s Taquieria.

I ordered the vegan fajita burrito and hubby got the vegetarian fajita tacos.

All was okay. Hubby said his rice and beans were bland. The most fun part was the salsa bar.

And the ambiance was fun.

I also had to try the vegan gelato.

I got chunky monkey, since I can’t get enough of the Ben & Jerry’s flavor. Hubby got chocolate. Both were not good and we didn’t finish them. It’s too bad since this was our only vegan ice cream option from a restaurant.

Overall, Lucy’s gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. They are trying and if I lived here, I would go back to eat and lovingly encourage better vegan options. But, the food was not great.

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