Wally’s on LBI in NJ

Long Beach Island (LBI) is one of our favorite local places to get away for a weekend. It has a very family friendly feel, so there is not the heavy partying one can find on other New Jersey beaches.

We have a small number of restaurants we can easily eat at on this island and recently found Wally’s to add to our list. They have a separate vegan menu and a separate gluten free menu with the vegan options clearly marked. Woo hoo!

There is ample seating outside in the front or back and seating inside with all the windows open. No alcohol and they are dog friendly. There is a jar of dog bones and a water bowl at the front walkway.

We couldn’t wait to try the food. Hubby ordered the house salad and a chicken sandwich. I picked out the wild rice and mushroom soup and a quesadilla with a gf tortilla.

The salad was fresh. My soup had a good flavor, but the texture indicated it had been cooking for a long time. We both enjoyed our entrees, even if nothing especially worth noting.

It was super fun to have so many options, so we got a Cake That! Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake Sandwich.

It was okay. Fun to order though. The staff was great too. Kind and patient, just what we always hope for.

Wally’s gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. I’m glad it’s available and has so many options for someone like me. I wish the food was better. I will return because it can be challenging for me to eat and I hope they continue to add vegan and gf options while improving the food.

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