Corn Silk Tea

I adore corn on the cob in the summertime. And I also want to do something with the husks and corn silk. One solution? Corn silk tea. This tea is a natural mild diuretic.

As I shuck each cob, I pull away the silk and boil it to make a tea. It’s so easy! I also add a couple things to have an even more complex flavor. Corn silk makes a very mild and corn flavor tea. I add a handful of toasted rice to the boil and a little maple syrup to the tea.

To make this, start by removing the top part of each corn husk. I cut them away.

As I shuck each husk away, I save the silk in a separate pot from the corn cobs.

For every cob worth of silk, add about nine to ten ounces of water and place on stove to boil. Add a handful of toasted rice if you like. Boil for five minutes.

While boiling, prepare your glasses for straining. A large pitcher or several glasses can be used. I recommend using glass or ceramic. I like to strain mine into serving size mason jars so I can place them in the fridge for cold drinks the next day. If wanting a bit of sweetness in your tea, add a little maple syrup to the bottom of your glass. This tea is great hot or cold, but adding the maple syrup while hot means easy incorporation into the tea.

After five minutes, place a glass in your sink with a fine strainer over it. Carefully pour your tea through the strainer into your glass. Repeat if filling more than one glass.

Let tea cool and enjoy. Or cover the tea and place in the fridge until cold. Tea will keep for three to four days in the fridge. Yummers!

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