Casa del Vegano in Dallas

Vegan Tex-Mex? I’m so in! I want to visit family in the Dallas area at least once a year. It means I get to try new places every visit. Casa del Vegano is in the Bishop Arts District and fully vegan. I also went gluten free recently and Casa has a gf section on their menu.

It is an open space. Ordering and paying happens from your smart phone. Food is brought out as ready. I picked guacamole and totchos with elotes. The totchos were delicious and way too much food.

The chips and guacamole were not great and Hubby said his raspberry marget was forgettable. The salsa was also not great despite having positive comments online.

My friend got enchiladas and really enjoyed them.

Casa del Vegano gets two vegan cupcakes of five. The food is a bit hit or miss. Some things are really good and others not so much. But I’m glad I got to enjoy those totchoes.

The menu is here.

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