Seitan’s Helper in Brooklyn

I am in NYC for a couple days to attend the Plant-Based Expo. The Expo was wonderful and it feels great to be back in this city I used to call home.

Today I adventured out to Brooklyn to visit some favorite places and learned that Seitan’s Helper is now its own deli! In addition to sandwiches and wraps, one can actually take home slices of their favorite seitan flavors to cook with and enjoy at home. Yummers!

I could not decide what to get! I picked out the chorizo special and buffalo mac n cheese. My friend got the BEC.

Oh, it was all delicious and so fun. We scarfed down our wrap/sandwich. I didn’t have enough room in my stomach to finish the mac n cheese, so took it back to my friend’s apartment and heated it up later. Mmm…

The space is very small with no in-door dining during the pandemic. But the space is clean and I was able to watch my food being prepared. Also, during my visit, Amanda, the founder and owner, was there and so fun to talk with.

Seitan’s Helper gets four of five vegan cupcakes. I really enjoyed my wrap and the experience. Definitely get out to Brooklyn and Seitan’s Helper when in NYC. Worth the subway ride.

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