Project Pollo in Austin

Exploring north Austin we suddenly found ourselves hungry. Thank goodness for Google Maps. At least we thought it was good luck when Project Pollo popped up. It’s a local chain that prides itself as confusing. It looks and smells like a chicken place, but it’s definitely vegan.

Think of a fried chicken fast food restaurant and Project Pollo fills the image. Wanting some veggies with my lunch, I picked the chicken cesar wrap and mac n cheese. Hubby asked what the popular dish was and got The Deluxe and fried pickles.

We picked a picnic table outside and dug in. We enjoyed the food, but Hubby got sick later. Oops.

Because Hubby got sick, we won’t go back. I like the idea of having options that are very close to what people are looking for from traditional fast food restaurants, but not at the price of getting sick. I don’t recommend Project Pollo and it gets one vegan cupcake.

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