Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh

The Double Wide Grill comes up when looking for vegan options in Pittsburgh. We decided to meet some friends here to figure out why it’s always mentioned. There is lots of great seating outside and we were excited.

We started with Sweet Chili wings. Made of seitan, these are breaded, which is a bit different.

We liked these, even if the texture was a bit different. Then Hubby ordered the Veggyro and I got the Cal-a-forn-i-a salad.

Both were decent. The cornbread that came with my salad was more like a sweet cake than cornbread. We still had a bit of room in our tummies and decided to try the one vegan dessert, a Goo Ball.

This was not great. Dry and longing for some chocolate syrup. Oh well.

Overall, we were not impressed with the Double Wide Grill. The vegan options were just okay and the dessert is not worth getting. It gets two out of five vegan cupcakes and I won’t return.

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