Kassab’s in Pittsburgh

I finally got to spend some time in Pittsburgh, PA and understand what is so great about this city with a lot of history. It was once called “hell with the lid off.” Today it is a beautiful city balancing its past with a desire to thrive in a post-industrial world.

Our first night in town we were starving and wanted to find something easy and near where we were staying. Luckily a Mediterranean restaurant, Kassab’s, was close. We decided to get several small plates and shared everything. I ordered baba ghannoj, sleek with caramelized onions on top, a spinach pie, and french fries. Hubby adores fries.

We really enjoyed the meal. Simple and favorable. Our waitress was kind and the space was clean.

Kassab’s gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The menu is a bit confusing with several items noted as vegan but are not. So everyone needs to be careful when trying to avoid certain things.

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