Vegan Inc in Puerto Vallarta

I noticed a large sign of “Vegan Inc.” while driving back to my hotel one day. Woo hoo! What was it? A little research revealed it was a local restaurant chain with decent online reviews. Score! Of course I had to check it out.

The one close to the hotel is in a shopping mall, but set away from most of the stores. We took a taxi to it with high hopes. The inside was hot and stuffy, so we picked a table outside with a view of the mountains.

The menu is enticing and we were hungry. The waiter came quickly to get our order. Hubby asked for a strawberry lemonade and I asked for a bottle of water.

The lemonade was very mild. My water took a long time to arrive. For dinner we decided to start with Cauliflower Boneless with Buffalo sauce. I picked out the Floutas and Hubby decided to try the Battered Tacos. We also order the Mac n Cheese to share. After a long wait, the Mac n Cheese came out first. We were one of only two tables and very confused. Eventually the cauliflower came and later Hubby got his tacos. My floutas came last.

The Mac n Cheese was a bit salty and the tacos bland. I really liked that the floutas and cauliflower were both air fried instead of fried in oil. But everything took so long.

Wanting to make sure we got the full experience, and desiring something sweet, we each orded a cookie for dessert. I picked Double Chocolate, of course, and Hubby picked the Tortoise. They arrived after another long wait. There were no apologies for the slow to non-existent service.

The cookies were warm and giant. But not great. Both were grainy and dry. It was unfortunate. Neither of us finished our dessert.

In addition to poor service and not the best food, the prices were very high. Vegan Inc gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. I do not recommend this restaurant and will not return.

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