Elixir Spot in Puerto Vallarta

The day we got vaccinated, Hubby got online and planned our first big trip since Amsterdam/Brussels in December 2019. He couldn’t wait to start exploring the world again, even if I am a bit anxious. But, understandably, many countries and cities are still waiting to let others travel and visit. Mexico has not had the same response and two good friends of ours visited Puerto Vallarta back in March. They highly recommended visiting soon. Here we are!

I will say that not all people in airports and on airplanes are good at following rules. It is fairly hit or miss as to if they are wearing a mask. Flight attendants have to spend a lot of time reminding people to wear their masks and wear them properly. And the airlines are constantly changing flights to get as many people as possible onto one plane. It’s frustrating.

Puerto Vallarta is freaking beautiful!

Enough on my thoughts and more about the wonderful vegan restaurant I found for lunch today. We did a walking tour of the city and were very hungry. I pulled up Maps on my phone and found a place a half a mile away. We headed to Zona Romantica to relax at Elixir Spot. The space is adorable!

The menu is simple and I was thrilled to see homemade kombucha. We settled on trying all the tacos. While in Mexico, tacos as a must! We also tried mushroom and garlic avocado toast and hummus avocado toast. Hubby got a peanut butter smoothie and I picked out the golden milk and got berry kombucha.

We were not at all disappointed. And the staff was incredibly kind. They also spoke English, which was a nice bonus. I speak some Spanish, but Hubby does not. Elixir Spot gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. If I get to visit again, I’ll have to try a smoothie bowl if I can keep myself away from all the other yummy options.


    1. There is always the chance that the experience was great because I’m excited to be traveling again.

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