Ixi’im Vegano in Bucerias

Yesterday we rented a car and drove north along the Bay of Banderas to explore some of the other beach towns with a couple friends. We had heard of Bucerias as the next town over and were excited to check it out.

Bucerias is about a 25 minute drive from our hotel. By the time we headed out and got there, brunch was on the brain. A quick search found Ixi’im Vegano about a half mile from our parking spot. Score!

Everyone instantly fell in love with this cute little restaurant that offers yoga classes in the back. Each of us had trouble picking what to try from the menu. Finally, I picked out the papaya smoothie and a fresh burrito. Hubby selected the cocoa smoothie and omlette. Our friends got coffee, the tutifruti bowl and tacos.

Everything was fresh and yummers. We each enjoyed what we ordered and felt full. The staff was kind and welcoming. They even have a small storefront of wellness items.

As Hubby was paying, he decided we had to have a cookie for later. It might have been my favorite thing.

Ixi’im Vegano gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. It is a great little place to stop for fresh food and friendly staff. When you make it to this area, I highly recommend visiting some of the other beaches. They are very different and each has a unique vibe compared to Puerto Vallarta.

Don’t worry, there is a menu in English too.

We also visited Sayulita and Punta de Mita. Both beautiful beaches, but Sayulita was packed with people. The sand shimmers! Punta de Mita has a wonderful fine sand and the beach was not as crowded. A super fun day overall.

Punta de Mita

In case anyone is wondering, we tested COVID-19 negative and are clear for returning to the United States. We felt the least safe in the airport and on the plane. Almost everything else has been outside and we have been able to safely distance.

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