The Flying Egg in Bethlehem

The Flying Egg in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has decent reviews for their vegan options, but I terribly disappointed. We visited for brunch on a Sunday and it was pleasantly busy. Despite a cold morning, we sat outside to stay safe. The inside was full of people without masks, talking loudly, and not social distancing. A bad combination during the current pandemic.

After a rather long wait, we ordered coffee, hot tea, and two vegan skillets. The kitchen was out of one ingredient, but our server assured us it would be replaced with another vegetable.

By the time our food came, we were both on our second cup of coffee/tea trying to stay warm. The waitress apologized and said lots of people sat at the same time, thus slowing down the kitchen.

Although our skillets looked tasty, they were not. No replacement vegetable meant a lot of tumeric quinoa with a little tofu. There was too much tumeric and I tasted it for several hours after.

The Flying Egg gets one vegan cupcake and we will not return. I am glad they have a few vegan options, but at least the skillet needs improvement.

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