Vegan Treats in Bethlehem

When vegan in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, one must go to Vegan Treats. I have been hearing about this place since I moved to Pennsylvania over two years ago. Their yummy options can be found in various coffee houses all over Philadelphia and they are usually at local VegFests. But I had never been to their storefront.

Vegan Treats is open a lot of hours, so it is not too hard to visit. One can order ahead and pick up on-site or visit one at a time to decide from what is available. Having never been here, I opted to go inside with my mask on. Everyone waits outside distanced from one another and only one person/family is allowed inside at a time.

Wow! I had no idea where to begin on what to order. I know their treats are very sweet, but there were lots of options that I had never tried.

Hubby picked out a donut and a cookie. I picked a chocolate tart and a few chocolates.

Yum! The donut and tart were both excellent. The cookie was too sweet. The chocolates were not as good as others I have had. But everything was fun to try! And the whole place is just fun.

Definitely try Vegan Treats when you get a chance. Always a sweet way to spend some time (and sugar high).

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