VegOut Bethlehem

Hubby and I decided we needed a little leaf peeping this fall in a safe, physically distanced, outing. Bethlehem is an adorable historic town about an hour and a half drive from Philadelphia and all the leaves are changing right now.

Bethlehem is known for two things; Bethlehem Steel and Lehigh University. The steel plant closed in the middle 1990s, but the university is till top notch. The area was stunning, especially with all the leaves changing.

For brunch our first day in town we headed to VegOut Bethlehem. It was a short walk from where we were staying. As a fully vegan restaurant, we were a bit overwhelmed with options. We finally settled on sharing a caeser salad, ruben style perogies for Hubby, loaded mac-n-cheese for me, and a cherry turnover to end on a sweet note.

Caeser Salad
Reuben Style Perogies
Loaded Mac-n-cheese
Cherry Turnover

The turnover was my favorite part. Each photo is labeled because the dishes looked like each could have been one of the others. We were overall disappointed with the food. The salad was drowning in dressing and cheese, but it did have red cabbage in it. Not typical for a caeser, but I liked that part. Hubby was underwhelmed by his perogies. He didn’t realize they would be potato perogies with ruben flavors on top. My mac-n-cheese was very dry and bland, even with all the toppings. I didn’t even finish it.

It was too bad that the food was not what we hoped. VegOut Bethlehem has decent reviews, but gets two vegan cupcakes from me. Maybe the food quality has changed due to the pandemic? Even the staff was not especially excited to take my order.

There were a few tables outside and we snagged one, but there was also a small park-like area close by to utilize for take-out orders.

We won’t be returning to this restaurant anytime soon, which is not fun to write. But I would rather be honest than misleading and someone else have a bad experience.

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