Stations in Bethlehem

Stations is easy to find on Main Street in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We came across it while walking around and returned for dinner our last night in town. It was raining and cold, so dinner as take-out was our last adventure for the day.

There are tables and a bar to eat at in Stations, but we are still trying hard to stay healthy. One person was eating inside.

We both selected hot vegetable soup. Hubby picked out a veggie sandwich and I got a Banh Mi. I also got a mango bubble tea with almond milk.

The food was good. A bit uninspired, but good. For example, a vegan Banh Mi has everything but the traditional meat. Essentially a veggie sandwich with hot sauce. Like I said, uninspired.

Stations gets two vegan cupcakes. The food is good for basic soup and sandwiches. The person who took our order and made our dinner was kind.

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