Viridescent Kitchen in Plano

A friend learned I was headed back to DFW to visit family and insisted I make my way to a new vegan restaurant close to my brother’s house. Well, I can’t pass up a vegan restaurant! When I arrived I quickly noticed it also has a vegan market. Woo hoo!

Only brunch was available on Saturday morning, which I had no objection to enjoying. The space is open and adorable with the market along one wall.

There is a menu on a screen, as well as laminated at the counter where you order.

I picked the Breakfast Sandwich with bacon and added avocado. They were out of Just Egg for the sandwich so mine had a chickpea egg, which I prefer anyway. I also got a Tumeric Golden latte with soy milk and key lime cheesecake. I took everything to-go so as to get back to my family faster.

Everything was delicious! Especially the little cheese cake. I also picked up a couple things from the market to try that I will share soon.

I was even lucky enough to meet one of the owners who was wonderful. In addition to the staff being kind and attentive, the owner was just lovely. Viridescent Kitchen in Plano, Texas gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. Maybe on a future trip I can try more than just the brunch menu.

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