Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Dallas

I found Tropical Smoothie Cafe while looking for an easy breakfast place to meet a friend on a weekday. The restaurant has vegetarian options clearly labeled on the menu. Preferring fruit at breakfast, I was excited to try it.

Since everything is labeled vegetarian, I verified that the smoothies are vegan unless labeled otherwise. I picked the Island Green and asked for blueberries instead of pineapple. No problem! The server said lots of people substitute different fruit all the time.

The smoothie was delicious. I noticed lots of people coming though to pick up their orders. The place does good to-go business.

My friend is not vegan and ordered a wrap that she liked. The space is clean and the staff kind. Tropical Smoothie Cafe gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. I wish menu items were labeled vegan and that the cups were recycle friendly, if not reusable. I will likely return to this place on my next visit.

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