American Sardine Bar in Philly

American Sardine Bar in South Philly doesn’t have a sign on the door. But they have a back patio with a chalkboard menu telling us vegan options are available. A friend shared they even have vegan brunch options! So we planned a visit.

The space absolutely feels like a bar with chalkboards serving as menus.

But I was focused on their brunch menu, which is seperate and on a piece of paper. Intrigued by the vegan onion rings on the chalkboard menu, I had to order those. From the brunch menu I selected the Brussels Sprouts Scramble and Hubby ordered the Brunchwrap Supreme.

It’s definitely bar food. A bit greasy and bland. The onion rings were crispy, but the batter could have used more flavor. My scramble was a bit bland too, but the tofu was the right texture and the potatoes good. Hubby really enjoyed his wrap, even if a bit greasy.

The staff was great and we will return once the weather warms so we can sit outside with our dog. The American Sardine Bar gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. I can’t wait for spring! This could be a fun place to take non-vegan friends.

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