Veganwaf in Brussels

When in Belgium, waffles are a must! I was sad in Amsterdam when I figured out the vegan waffle place was closed for the holidays. Well, having them in the origin country is a nice alternative.

Veganwaf in Brussels is in a shopping area accessible my foot and I was thrilled to find it. We arrived at the end of the day and they were out of chocolate sauce, but we were not deterred.

I got a waffle with maple syrup and Chantilly cream. Hubby asked for just maple syrup.

We had such fun eating these! Mine got really messy and dripped off the table, so beware. But they were delicious.

Veganwaf is exactly what it advertised to be. Delicious street vegan waffles! It gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. Even the staff was kind and patient as we decided what we wanted.

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