The Avocado Show in Brussels

How could I not visit a restaurant called The Avocado Show? Seriously? A place named after my favorite food? Amazeballs!

Our last evening in Brussels we were starving and The Avocado Show was nearby. It’s not fully vegan, but the vegan options are clearly noted on the menu.

The restaurant has taken avocado toast to a new level and I was excited to try it. Hubby wanted to try the avocado fries and ordered those to share. I picked the Mama Mango and Hubby picked the Heart Beat.

Everything was beautiful. I’m not a fan of cooked avocado, so the avo fries were not my favorite. However, my Mama Mango was delicious and just want I wanted. Hubby was less keen on his Heart Beat. It had a bitter taste and I am guessing they used too much tahini.

The space is very casual and cute, but waiters come to your table. The counter when walking in is so big that I thought we were supposed to order there.

The Avocado Show gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The staff was kind, I enjoyed my food, they had an English menu, and the place clean.

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