Laurent Gerbaud in Brussels

As a chocoholic, I was thrilled to explore the world known Belgium chocolate scene. There are chocolate shops everywhere in Brussels; however, they do not all have a decent vegan chocolate selection, if any. I find this strange since vegan chocolate is easier to make than milk chocolate. One less ingredient!

Of course a quick internet search before even leaving the States revealed one exception, Laurent Gerbaud. I booked it to what I hoped was a vegan chocolate paradise. I was not disappointed!

Rows of vegan chocolates lay before me and hot chocolate made with plant milks were ready to be ordered. I wasn’t sure where to begin.

I decided to get two small custom boxes of chocolates. One for me to take home and one for my vegan friend watching my dog. They are sold by weight and I filled each box with one or two of every single vegan option. So fun!

Then I ordered a hot chocolate with soy milk. Each hot chocolate comes with a chocolate, so I also got another five chocolates to share with Hubby.

What a treat! The chocolates are divine and hot chocolate creamy. They make it a bit bitter and provide sugar cubes on each table for you to make as sweet as you like. I kept mine wonderfully bitter.

The space can get crowded, but a little patience will reveal a table where you wait for your treats to be brought to you when ready. And the staff is incredibly kind and patient. I adored my visit and returned once more before leaving Brussels.

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