Liu Lin in Brussels

After more traveling and disappointment with the last restaurant in Amsterdam, we were thrilled to find Liu Lin in Brussels.

Liu Lin is vegan Taiwanese and Chinese food, so we were a bit worried about MSG. But the food was fresh and didn’t give us an MSG hangover, so it must not be an ingredient.

Simple options helped us quickly identify what we wanted. Something with lots of vegetables!

I selected the Lin’s Rice Noodle Bowl and Hubby got the Crispy Chicky Bowl. We adored both! We also got spring rolls, because why not?

At each table is an order form to fill out and take to the counter when ready and pay.

Oh, it was exactly what we wanted. Lots of fresh vegetables that were not overcooked or over spiced. The rice and noodles were also cooked to the right texture.

Liu Lin deserves four out of five vegan cupcakes. The space is clean, the staff kind, and the food delicious. Just what we hoped for.

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