Tich in Brussels

On our way to Brussels we came across an article of places to visit while there. One place mentioned was Tich as taking veganism very seriously. When in Brussels!

It is very close to the museum we explored, so it was an easy option. However, it was hard to determine all the vegan options without speaking other languages. This is normally fine and not an issue. I decided to get the Avo Bowl and Hubby got the Vegan Pancakes and coffee.

We were given a number and began the search for a place to sit. Tich is a popular spot.

I sat down and Hubby headed to the bathroom. The woman who took our order brought the coffee and took our number. I told her twice that our food had not yet arrived, but she took it anyway.

About 20 minutes later someone tried to take our order to a different table that now had our number. So frustrating. I walked over and explained that was our food because someone had taken our number. In addition, the other table kept saying our order was not theirs. What a mess.

We sat down to eat and Hubby was immediately put off by his pancakes. Wouldn’t even eat them. My avocado bowl was decent. I tasted his pancakes and they were more like corn cakes and very dry. Not good. Hubby ate my bread and some of my avocado bowl.

Tich gets one vegan cupcake out of five. Terrible experience and not great food. There are other good options in town. Avoid this one.

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