Mr & Mrs Watson in Amsterdam

Our last night in Amsterdam we decided to visit the vegan restaurant a local had recommended. She said it had the best vegan cheese she had ever enjoyed. That is quite the endorsement!

We made a reservation online and figured out the best tram to get there. The journey also exposed us to another neighborhood.

The space is cozy with art deco highlights.

An amuse-bouche of feta on apple started our meal. It was okay.

After that cheese endorsement we absolutely had to try the cheese plate. Especially since the vegan cheese shop in Amsterdam was closed during our entire visit.

We were not at all disappointed by the cheese plate, the Plantyful. My favorites were the smoked almond cheese and a soft cashew cheese. Neither of us were crazy about the tofu feta.

For entrees I picked the Filo Rolls and Hubby picked the Cashew Fondue.

The filo roll was just okay. Bland on flavor and served room temperature. Hubby didn’t like his fondue and didn’t even finish it; too salty.

We had been at the restaurant over an hour before our entrees arrived. By the time we asked to look at the dessert menu, were were told we had less than 30 minutes remaining at our table and would likely not be able to finish in time. Since it was totally their fault our meal took so long, we decided to skip dessert.

Overall we were disappointed by what was expressed to us as the best vegan restaurant in Amsterdam. If this is the best, no wonder our other meals were not up to our expectations.

Mr and Mrs Watson gets two vegan cupcakes out of five. The cheese plate was worth enjoying but the rest was not great. Hubby even got wine that he said was not good. And the experience of waiting so long for our food was not fun, especially since it didn’t allow us to try other food we may have enjoyed more.

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