Deer Mama in Amsterdam

Still hankering for good vegan burgers, we headed to Deer Mama Vegan Mylk & Burger Bar in Amsterdam. I was very excited about the prospect of a vegan milkshake.

The space is adorable with baby pink and blue tones.

We decided to start with an Amsterdam classic and see what all the hype is about. Bitterballen is a traditional Amsterdam food that is typically available in the bars. Normally it is a meat ball that is breaded and fried. Of course the one we tried was vegan. The Classic Dutch Bitterballen was fun to try.

Not having grown up with these, they were a bit strange to us. But we had fun eating them and moved on to foods we would recognize. I ordered a Green Monster, which is kind of like a falafel burger, and Hubby got the Mama’s Double Cheesy, a two layer Beyond Burger with cheese to pour on. We also got cheesy fries to share.

Our buns were stamped with the logo! Totally edible, I asked.

We both enjoyed our burgers and the fries. Mine was crispy, the way I like, with lots of vegetables. We had a little room left and ordered a chocolate milkshake.

Yummers! They also have an amazing looking dessert case, but we didn’t have room until the next day. Yep, we enjoyed it enough to go back the next day for brunch!

Our second visit watched us share waffles and Mama’s Big Champion of tofu scramble, toast, Beyond Sausage and beans.

One thing I have liked about Amsterdam overall is how tea is often made from the actual ingredients. Hubby ordered ginger and orange tea. That is exactly what he got.

This trip we had a little room and tried their peanut butter brownie and a chocolate.

Both yummers. The chocolate was a bit sticky, so the case might not be cold enough.

Deer Mama gets three vegan cupcakes out of five. The food is good, staff kind, and space adorable. But the food is not mind-blowing. Definitely one of the better meals we had in Amsterdam. Keep in mind that lots of places were closed due to the holidays.

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