Jacketz in Amsterdam

Jacket potatoes are some of the very best baked potatoes. They are cooked for a long time on a low heat. It makes the outside crispy and inside fluffy. I certainly don’t have time to cook a potato for two hours and thus finding a place that would do it for me was exciting.

After a long day of sight seeing, a warm potato sounded like the perfect comfort to wind down. Jacketz in Amsterdam offers just this comfort with a couple vegan options.

I selected a full jacket, potato, with vegan chili, “SIN”, and Hubby got the Seasonal Green Veggies with mixed nuts. Both came with extra greens and mine had a bit of hummus on the side.

We scarfed down our jackets. We both felt the toppings were a bit bland, but the meals filling.

Our server was efficient and helpful. The space was simple and calm.

Jacketz gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. We enjoyed our potatoes. There are also several beer and wine options, but we stuck to non-alcoholic options of ginger beer and lemonade.

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