TerraZen Centre in Amsterdam

We were ready for some yummers food after a three hour bike tour on Christmas day. Luckily lots of places were open for all the tourists. Thank you!

A quick search revealed TerraZen Centre, an all vegan restaurant, between the bike shop and our hotel. Off we went!

We were a little anxious because it is a Jamaican and Japanese restaurant. A combination we had not yet experienced. But we got excited by the menu.

I picked out the Home Made Ramen and Hubby selected the Vegan Fried Rice. We each also got tea. Ginger apple for me and ginger for Hubby. The apple added a nice sweetness to my fresh ginger tea.

I adored my soup and it was perfect for the cold day. Not too salty and full of veggies and noodles. Hubby liked his fried brown rice, but I found it a bit soggy.

TerraZen Centre gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The place is a bit crusty, but the owner is great. I was so thankful for that soup.

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