Greyhound Cafe in Philly

Greyhound Cafe has been around for sometime outside Philly, but this year opened a location in North Philly. I have been trying to get there and finally made it!

Having tried their food at multiple events in Philly since moving here, I couldn’t wait to dig in. We were not disappointed!

The cafe is adorable with clean lines and modern fixtures.

We had a little trouble deciding between brunch, Tex-Mex, or Italian food. Of course I ordered nachos to start! There is also kombucha on tap. Score!

We finally settled on a Southwestern Bowl for me and the Rigatoni and Sausage Fra Diabolo with the Greyhound Cafe Salad, their version of a Cesar Salad, for hubby.

Yummers! We both really enjoyed our food. Hubby wanted more green bell peppers in his dish and felt the salad could use a little less dressing. But scarfed down everything.

Greyhound Cafe gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. Our server was great and the place clean.

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