Veggie Grill in NYC

Finally! I have been waiting for Veggie Grill to make its way to the east coast for too many years. I was lucky enough to visit a location in Seattle once upon a time and have been following any expansion news since. But yesterday my dreams of being able to visit more easily finally came true. Veggie Grill opened in Manhatten! And I had already planned to be in NYC the same day.

We walked in and were invited to look at pictures of the menu options to help us decide at the take out terminals.

We each picked out a sandwich and a side to share.

I picked the b.t.l.a. and mac-n-cheese. Hubby got the Grillin’ Chickin’ and yukon cauli-mashed potatoes and gravy. Everything was yummers.

Ordering was easy and we found a table right away, despite it being opening day. Someone brought our food as soon as it was ready and as we finished each dish someone took away the no longer needed plate. I was happy to see a fast food restaurant use real dishes and silverware.

The space was bright and clean. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts. Hopefully forever!

Veggie Grill gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. Good food, kind staff, and a great space. I’m so glad to have them in this part of the country!

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