Dr. Martens Vegan Boots

I walk and stand a lot and can’t always wear sneakers. Especially when it’s raining outside. I have rain boots, but they are not perfect. A friend swears by the vegan Dr. Martens. I had never tried them, but need new black boots. So here goes.

They are only made in whole sizes and I’m a 7.5. The woman helping me said they run large, so I first tried a size 7. They felt good in the store, but I could tell there would be uncomfortable rubbing in the future.

I tried on the 8. I’m no stranger to trying on a size eight, but these were too loose. A different sales person suggested to the person next to me to try their inserts for a better fit. Overhearing this I asked for the inserts. Yes, they feel much better. I have plenty of room for my toes and the shoes don’t move much.

I stood in these boots all day yesterday and walked another mile after that and my feet were fine at the end of the day. Amazing! Even with sneakers my feet would have hurt by the end of yesterday.

A new convert! I understand these should last me several years. That’s good since they are not cheap. But they are worth every penny of comfort.

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