Eating Vegan at Wells Fargo Center

I got to go to a Flyers game, the local ice hockey team, at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. I was worried about eating at the event and did a little research. In 2013 this center was named the third best arena for vegan eating by PETA. Woo hoo! But I wasn’t sure if this was still the case. A lot can change in six years. Also, where exactly would I find options? I ate a snack before heading there, just in case.

We arrived early to experience any early fun things, like maybe see Gritty, which we did. While having time to more slowly walk through, I finally found something labeled vegan. So I stopped and looked.

There were a few Beyond options, but only one thing labeled vegan. I happily ordered the Banh Mi Vegan Cauliflower. Hubby picked out the Beyond Burger.

The Banh Mi was cold, but had a nice spicy flavor. The cauliflower was soft, but I was happy there was something for me to eat. I also got popcorn that the PETA article said was vegan.

I hope more sports arenas begin to carry options that more people can enjoy. What a beautiful day that will be.

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