Lancaster Farm Sanctuary Fundraiser November 22

Remember that amazing farm visited back in July? All those beautiful animals and all the smiles from our bus full of people from the Philly area? Well, Lancaster Farm Sanctuary (LFS) is the living alternative to a large dairy production industry that exists in that area. Instead of removing baby calf’s from their mothers so people can drink the milk, and the depression that comes from that practice, they have a mom and her grown child living in joy together.

Cows, pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, dogs, and other sentient beings determine their own days and act as they please at LFS. It is beautiful.

On November 22, ExtraGive will match all donations given to LFS. They are the only vegan organization to ever participate in this foundation supported county opportunity for nonprofits to raise much needed funds. But only on November 22! Set your alarm now to go to this website and give any amount that will be matched and help the animals thrive! Just in the last year LFS has taken in three pigs, including baby Shelby, goats, sheep, and other animals that thank you for your support with their joyful living.

Baby Shelby

All these photos were taken during our July trip! Please consider giving on November 22 and make your donation count twice as much!

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