Queen & Rook Game Cafe in Philly

There is a new fun thing to do in Philly. And it’s mostly vegan!

This cafe is filled with different games to play and the menu will keep your mouth and tummy busy too.

I visited for lunch and didn’t play any games, but sat at the bar to catch up with a friend. There is a $7 fee to sit elsewhere and play games.

The menu is mostly bar food; fried options. I ordered the Autumn Kale salad and a velvet chocolate milkshake. Both were delicious. I got the salad with added Chikn, which was just okay. The kale was a perfect texture and other ingredients fresh. Yummers! The chocolate shake options are always changing, so be flexible. The shake had a great flavor, but was a bit thinner than I expected.

I am looking forward to returning and trying the nachos. Queen & Rook gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. Our server was kind and patient, the food good, and the space fun. Definitely check it out for something fun to do!

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