Lovash Indian Cuisine

We have had a hard time finding yummy vegan Indian food in Philly. We thought we found a place in Center City, but they changed their menu and it’s not as yummers. This weekend we decided to try another place in Old City. And it was good.

Lovash Indian Cuisine is a small place on South Street. The layout and steep stairwell to the bathroom reminded me of restaurants in NYC.

Our online research intimated there was a unique vegan menu, but the options are actually part of the main menu. Our waiter made sure we knew all the vegan options, which was very helpful. We picked out Vegetable Samosas to start.

The crust was a bit salty, but the filling was a nice balance of flavors. I ordered the Tandori Tofu and Hubby ordered the Vegetable Korma. Plus the Pori. Neither of us had ever had Tandori Tofu.

We both enjoyed our entree. The Tandori was mild, but I enjoyed the vegetables. Hubby was thrilled at the creamy consistency of the Korma. I wasn’t crazy about the Pori, but Hubby liked it.

Lovash gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The food was yummers and the space clean. We will return.

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