Philly Radio Guest November 12

November 12 at 6:10 AM I will be interviewed on a LIVE Wellness Radio Show! The amazing Helanah Warren, Founder of Yogetree, will be interviewing me about my vegan journey and how I support others on their journey. I’m very excited!

This is the second time I will be on the radio since moving to Philly, but the first time, pictured above, was community radio with no way to listen outside the city. I was talking about my summer animal sanctuary trip and had a great time. As the only guest to show up on a rainy day, I got stay as long as I wanted and talk about my event twice! As well as add my commentary on other discussions. It was fun.

November 12 will be very different because it will be all about me and there is a way to listen online! And, a way to call in with your own questions, thoughts, and ideas. So fun! Listen in, call in and share your thoughts, experiences, and anecdotes!

Tuesday, November 12th at 6am-7am EST
96.1 FM and 900 AM

Call in numbers:
Guest Line 1- local: 215-634-8065
Guest Line 2- toll-free: 866-361-0900
Online listening link is

And then tell me all about it here in the comments! Can’t wait!


  1. Hi Deanna! Welcome to Philly! Sorry I missed your first visit to WURD Radio. I caught the last 20 minutes of Helanah’s show on November 12th. I’m so excited to hear all you’re doing. I only started my vegan/vegetarian journey 2-weeks ago and I’m struggling to take it all in and keep it straight. You spoke of a 30-day Vegan Start Program on the radio. Were do I get more info about that program? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ivy! Thank you for asking! I work with the Peace Advocacy Network and we offer free 30-day Vegan Pledge Programs across Philly and the US. The program provides all the tools needed to be successful. Check out the website to see when the next one near you will happen and register at

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