Hand Care

My dry skin can be extra terrible on my hands. When I was young, it was so bad that the skin on my fingertips would crack and bleed. It made playing the clarinet extra challenging. I was in my 30s before I learned what was causing the problem. I’m allergic to several things that cause my skin to inflame and dry out, including nickel and glue.

Due to perpetual dry hands, I was always looking for ways to relieve the itching and moisturize. Most lotions did not help and prescription ones were very messy and involved. I felt hopeless.

Several years ago I discovered an olive oil based salve that I decided to use at night as I was going to bed. It made a big difference. When I moved to NYC and met Fanciful Fox, their olive oil based Overnight Skin Therapy was the first product I tried. It worked just as well as the other one I had been ordering online, but local. Score!

Once I was converted to this new option, I asked what else they thought might work for crazy dry skin. The Unicorn Dreams was recommended for when things flaired up. Of course I tried it! A bit more oily than my skin lotion, but really does relieve the dryness.

Then I found their Cutie Claws for when my cuticles are extra cranky and chapped. Also a life saver. I also take this one when I travel as a smaller container.

If experiencing extra dry hands and/or eczema, these options could help. They certainly have helped me.

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