Tomgirl in Burlington

Before getting back on the train to Philly, I wanted to make sure I had some yummy food for the trip. A little digging on my phone revealed Tomgirl that has many great reviews. Located only a few blocks from our Airbnb, I decided I try and find it.

The parking lot was under construction when I visited, but a small path let me get to the restaurant. It is a bright space with large grab and go coolers full of juice, soups, and salads.

There was only one kind of salad, but I picked up two and a chia and chocolate treat. The salad was the most wonderful combination of greens I have had in a long time. The chocolate treat was also delicious.

The staff was very nice and the space clean. Tomgirl gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. I wish I had been able to try more things.

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