Skinny Pancake in Burlington

Sunday brunch at Skinny Pancake is apparently the thing to do in Burlington. Not only was the line all the way to the corner, but a bluegrass band came and entertained us!

Skinny Pancake in Burlington, Vermont is a popular crepe cafe. There are lots of options, but only two vegan options. The vegan chickpea base can be used for any crape, but most of them have lots of non-vegan toppings.

Hubby and I both ordered the Vegan Monster. Unfortunately they were out of seitan, so we got more of the veggies. I also picked out the Eat Your Greens salad with kale and no cheese.

Yummers! We enjoyed every bite. I wonder what the crepe would have been like with the seitan. Seems like a strange thing to be out of on a busy day. The woman who took my order asked me what I wanted instead in my crepe. I asked what were my options. She was completely thrown by the question and asked again what I wanted. “Do you have tempeh or something else to replace the seitan? Pause… “What do you want?” This is when I said, “just more vegetables.”

Skinny Pancake gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. More vegan options would be a very nice addition. They can be accidentally vegan.

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