Revolution Kitchen in Burlington

Revolution Kitchen in Burlington, Vermont is a go-to restaurant for local vegans and vegetarians. Most of the options are vegan and they have a decent wine selection.

We had eaten here once before on our very first visit to Burlington, but I forgot until we walked in tonight. I just saw it had good reviews on Google.

The place is so popular, that having a reservation for Saturday night is a smart thing. We walked in shortly after Revolution Kitchen opened and got seats at the bar. We loved this because it let us watch the kitchen staff cook everything.

We started with the Cesar salad. The greens were fresh and full of flavor, but with so much dressing, it was hard to tell.

I picked out the yummers Prik King Stirfry, which is much more like a coconut curry dish than a Stirfry, and Hubby picked out the Seitan Picatta that he adored. Anything with mashed potatoes is usually a winner with him. But the Seitan was very tasty.

After such yummers food, we had to hear about the desserts. I picked out the chocolate cake with raspberry jam and Hubby got the Maple vanilla cake. Yummers!

The food was really good. The service was also excellent. The kitchen staff saw us watching and even asked how it was in the middle of a big bite. I gave a thumbs up and expression of deliciousness to which I got a giant smile and nod.

The only unpleasant part were the other diners. The bar is first come, first serve. I get that. No problem. But while I am eating, it is very rude to elbow me and hover over me in hopes I will finish sooner. At least I hope that is why they were so incredibly rude.

Revolution Kitchen gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. The Cesar would be nice with a bit less dressing and the other guests need some lessons in manors.

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