Mouth Care

Each person has a unique mouth chemistry. So despite being diligent about mouth care, some people are more susceptible to tarter build up and cavities. Diet once again has an impact by exposing teeth to various compounds that can weaken tooth enamel and balancing our nutrient needs.

I have been fortunate to avoid lots of cavities. But I am also diligent. When I was a little girl, my grandma was a social worker and involved in dental health. She taught me how to care for my teeth and reinforced the behaviors. One thing she taught me was to brush my teeth with just water after brushing with toothpaste. So I do this.

Tongue scraping is something I added to my routine in the last year or so. The intention is to scrape away any toxins released through the tongue overnight. However, I scrape before I go to bed and first thing in the morning. I find it helps keep bad breath at a minimum. Since I eat a lot of garlic, this is a good thing.

Flossing daily is also important and my dentist recently shared that flossing should happen at about the same time each day. I didn’t know that. I just floss before I brush my teeth at night. It happens to be at about the same time each evening. Winning! Right now I am using a floss that comes in a cardboard package. It doesn’t have the best flavor, but I like the less waste and not plastic container.

Recently I switched my toothpaste to Bite. A unique experience that gets the job done with significantly less waste. Little pellets arrive once a month in a compostable package that I add to my tiny glass jar. Also very easy to travel with pellets!

Finally, I use an electronic toothbrush. It allows me to have a whitening setting when I feel I need the extra attention without chemicals or additional waste. I also have a smaller toothbrush head to dispose than a regular sized toothbrush.

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