Farmicia in Old City Philly

There are two indie film theaters in Old City Philly and I still enjoy going to see a movie. Going to a movie feels like an event rather than just turning something on at home. A dark room, large screen, and good sound can draw me into a story better than sitting on my couch with my dog jumping on me for love. Don’t get me wrong, I always want to give my dog love, but it takes me away, at least temporarily, from the story. Granted, I could do without the sticky floors, talkers, and cell phone lights at the movies, but I still enjoy going.

With two frequented theaters, we are always looking for good vegan options in Old City. Hubby came across Farmicia and we decided to give it a try.

We were seated in the window where we had access to one of our favorite things to do, people watch. Our waiter was kind and we were brought water right away.

We ordered almost one of everything on the menu that was vegan. After ordering, a delicious tray of bread was offered and we quickly asked what was vegan.

Luckily our waiter was prepared! He said he had been asked the same question within his first week or so of beginning to work at Farmicia. I asked to take a photo and the waiter said the last time someone asked, it ended up as part of a restaurant review. Ha! Litte did he know! Only one of the breads is not vegan friendly.

I started with a seasonal watermelon gespacho. I adore gespacho, so this was an easy choice for me.

It was good. We also ordered the corn croquettes as an appetizer.

These were my favorite part of the meal and not what Hubby expected.

Then we each had the Capalini & Tofu. This was okay. The pasta was dry, as if it had been sitting around all day. And it wasn’t super flavorful, which was unfortunate since we both ordered it.

Overall we were not super impressed. The space is cute and the staff kind, but the food isn’t what we hoped it would be. Especially considering the small portions at fairly high prices.

I don’t think we will be returning. Farmicia gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. The food could be more flavorful with more vegan options and larger portions for the price.

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